How to Disney your way
Take the stress out of your first Disney Florida trip.
Personalised planning and itinerary design for family Florida holidays off site.
Whether you are a family of 2 or 10, I can help guide you to where to go and what to see while you are in the Sunshine State

Introducing me..

The Mouse Lady- Practically Perfect park Planner

Your Florida Disney dream holiday- to give you the best Florida experience without the planning nightmares.

Okay so, you have taken the plunge and decided to visit The House of Mouse in Florida. Its going to cost a fortune, but living on beans for 6 months is going to be worth it to see the look on your children's faces when they see Cinderella's Castle.....

So what now?

If you haven't been swayed by all things Disney and decided not stay in Disney accommodation then even starting to plan can give you sleepless nights, what about the crowds and the queues?, where to eat?, what can we fit in during the holiday?


Take a breath....

How I can help..