Now lets get started

When to FP+ and when to queue.

Planning doesn’t mean frog marching around the parks at quick time pace. Planning your day leaves you more time to rest, enjoy your day without the stress of queues and loss of patience with your family.

Don’t get me wrong, some queues are lots of fun, as long as they are only a 20 minutes wait. Peter Pan’s flight’s interactive queue is amazing, as is Snow White’s Wild Mine Ride in the newer part of Fantasyland. You can probably take a good 25 minute wait on Space Mountain and The Haunted Mansion as well, but any longer and sore feet and boredom do tend to set in especially with little ones.

For example, Snow White’s Wild Mine Ride is under 3 minutes long, the average queue time without a Fast Pass currently (as it is one of the newer ride in Magic Kingdom) is around 50 minutes, so if you want to queue for an hour for a 3 minute ride then go for it. Same goes for Barnstormer in Storybook Circus, this very short ride does tend to have the “Is that it” factor, fun ride -if it’s a walk on.


So, I am not going to baffle you with facts and figures. Holidays are fun, especially holidays in Florida.


As the great Pooh Bear says “think

                                                                        think                                                                                                                                                  think…”


Think about having a little bit of guidance, let me help you, just a smidge of planning and lots of forward thinking pixie dust and the jobs a good’en.

These are my golden rules:

Plan well before you travel, go early and be patient.

Don’t stress about doing everything, you won’t, trust me on this. It is IMPOSSIBLE unless you are visiting for a month,

have bottomless pockets, unblisterable (is that even a word?) feet and the constitution of Mo Farah.

Start small and build on as you go.
If you are visiting during school holidays or peak times, it will be busy. Crowd calendars are the best resource to show

you how busy. They aren’t the holy grail of park planning, as most “experts” will poopoo them in a wave of their

Micky hands. Just keep in mind public holidays and weekends are best to be avoided if at all possible.

Avoid Disney’s Extra Magic Hours.

They are great for the people that stay on property, but if you prefer not to be herded onto buses and shipped in.

Check what days have them, you can do this on most Disney Calendar blogs and websites.

 Okay so I can see you have started to glaze over……

Go and get a coffee and a nice biscuit to dunk, you can do this, or should I say WE can do this together.