I have been a Disney geek for as long as I can remember. Brought up their movies and songs. Marvelling at the animation and artistry of every film.

Pixie dust was on my side from the very beginning, I am lucky enough to have a wonderful family that live in Florida, so have enjoyed visits to the Sunshine State very frequently over my lifetime.

It wasn’t until starting a family at the start of 2002 that I realised just HOW much Disney meant to me. To see my daughters face in wonder as she discovered Disney for herself, watching film after film and listening to song after song.

After waiting for my daughter to grow big enough to remember the trip I first took my new family over to Florida in 2009, when my daughter was 6, quickly realising in that few years since I had visited, that the parks were now multiple and vast, choices of restaurant and resort quite mind boggling.

We made quite a few rookie errors on that trip, booking it on Memorial weekend and expecting restaurants to have reservations? - really?

I swore that the next holiday would be researched and planned and we wouldn’t be stood eating counter service mac and cheese when we wanted to eat in a “fancy” (Table Service) restaurant ever again.Fast forward to present day we now float seamlessly through the parks, interactive MDE in hand, reservations booked for special days or occasions.

Why now?

For quite a few years now, especially since the dawn of social media, I have had friends and family ask me how and help them plan trips to Disneyworld in Florida, it certainly helps my Disney Blues if I am between trips. The last family I helped did ask after sharing their wonderful holiday photos and stories with me, why I didn’t do this as my day job.

That’s when the lightbulb lit. Why don’t I?

Your Tailor made holiday can take a few hours, weeks even months of planning, it just take patience and research together we can make your Disney Florida holiday very special.

Introducing me..