How I can help you...

An example above of a basic family plan. They has a specific request of as little queue time as possible, after they returned home happy, they reported back. Only queueing for one ride per day saving them hours and hours that they had more time to relax back at their resort, they didn’t need a holiday after their holiday. Their holiday was short, they didn't want to do all the rides, as lets face it, unless you go for a month you just won't manage them all.

So much research so little time.

Designing your daily itinerary can be a headache. Let me take the hassle out of crowd and ride calendars, which areas to avoid, the best views of the parades and fireworks. Disney holidays do need to be planned, you just have to listen to people that have been and done no homework. The tales of queues upon queues, the children screaming that they didn’t get to see their favourite character.

We need at least 90 days to make dining reservations for you, so don’t delay.

Personalised Itineraries

Watching frazzled families making the same errors as I did all those trips ago and realised I wanted to help. There are many sites, books and podcasts that give wonderful tips on how to plan your holiday for you.

I want to be able to give you person to person help, produce an itinerary that is tailored made to your family and your special trip. Book your fast passes and your Dining Reservations.

Continued support while you are there.

Any questions, planning problems I can deal with real time for you. Too late for your fast- pass? We can sort it. Nothing is too much trouble. Yes, Disney Cast Members are there to help. But they won’t give you a schedule, they certainly won’t save you hassle during your park visit. That’s why I am here to help you.

Where to start.

Whether you are just at the planning stages or have booked your holiday, we can start from there. I can offer step by step help, or just give you a bit of advice if you get a bit stuck.